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                I found this used somewhere a few years ago... and I can't really recall how. Most likely it was one of my trips in Korea when I had the liberty of rummaging around internet cafes to find some rare Korean books. ^^ My memory is also foggy with some of the details of this book. It is published by CGLand, a Korean community for digital artists (they recently published Kosmos, which I also need to get my grubby hands on) and I believe this was limited to 999 copies? I can't say with 100% certainty but that’s the number that pops off the top of my head and I’m sure it was less than 1000. Back to the main point though… if you really want a sentence long review, it's the Korean "counterpart" to the Ballistic Expose series. Why do I say that? I think the photos will be serve as enough evidence. 

Basic Stats
Title: The Light - Digital Artworks 1
Author/Artist: Various
Publisher: CGLand
Pages: 182 pages
Dimensions: 22.5 x 31cm :: Hardcover with Dustjacket
Date of Publication: Jul. 05, 2005
ISBN: ISBN-10: 89-954099-1-6
Retail Price: 39000 won

           When a book goes over 30000 won (30 bucks) in Korea, that means it's expensive and presentation should very well exceed typical books. I think The Light is a pretty good representation of this. The hardback covers are durable, heavyweight and exceptional quality. The binding is good... I might have heard a slight crackling when opening the book fully though,  and the glossy dustjacket does its job of protecting the covers.  I can't find any glaring flaws in terms of construction, perhaps only a few minor things that are really depend on personal preference. The paper is high gloss. I’m not a big fan of high gloss but I didn’t find it too distracting here, and strangely pretty resistant against finger print smudging. Almost all of the pages are black which are notorious fingerprint smudge magnets, but yeah I don’t notice this happening very much at all when flipping through. Paper thickness was also very good. I didn't notice very much reflecting through the pages, but that may have also been because there was very little white/blank unused space.

                The Light is foremost a digital collection. That doesn't mean there's only 3D renders present... I'd estimate only 1/3 of the work included is 3D and the rest of the two thirds are 2D. A few look like they were even done traditionally but that's just the skill of the artist in mimicking traditional mediums. ^^;;
                Seven sections divide this book: Character, Low_Polygon, Illustration, Transport, Military, Fantasy, and Architecture & Interior. Personally, I don't think some of these are even needed since they can be only a few pages long. Fantasy can just be classified as illustration and transport + military can be lumped together. The vast majority of the pieces are character work and illustrations, while a smaller portion includes real life renders of things like cars, battle ships (sorry I forgot to take a photo of one!) and even buildings + interior designs. I've already touched upon it, but this book covers alot of different material. It does lean heavily on the fantasy/character side of things so individuals looking for that won't be disappointed. However, people who want artwork that is more derived from technical realism on real life objects like cars or ships, may be disappointed.
                Just as there are a multitude of subjects covered, there are also a multitude of artists and styles. Much like the Ballistic series each artist will have 1-3 pieces exhibited within. The entire layout is also very reminiscent of how the Ballistic books are done. Most of the images are full page images on black backgrounds. The rest are half page sized and a few double paged spreads are included as well. You get minimal if any blank pages at all since black is used as the background colour. I wouldn't be surprised if they saw Expose beforehand and liked how the Ballistic books were formatted and decided to do something very similar.  

Ending Notes
-  When this book came out, quality CG related art books were rare in Korea. I’m satisfied by the quality of this book and how it paved the road for more books like it to be published.
- Why did it take so long for CGland to publish a successor art book? Kosmos only came out in 2010 so you have a 5-6 year gap which is pretty huge. It’s a shame The Light was pretty much only a single volume and not an annual it was set up to be.

Final Rating
- Strongest point: You get a vast sampling of digital art. 2D/3D.. everything from Character designs, illustrations, mechanical designs, hell even architecture.
- Weakest point: This is really going out on a limb, but it might feel like a "random catalogue" to certain individuals. It covers so much, there really isn't a central focus.

 8.7/10 <- Solid release, hard to find any flaws.

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