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                I've only really known and been a fan of Brom's fantasy artwork for only a few years now, but I've always "known" that Brom has been and always will be a "Big Name" in Western Fantasy art. That's why I was quite surprised to find out that he has started a Kickstarter project with Flesk Publications. But this project isn't any ol' obscure project. This is the funding needed for THE ART OF BROM. This will be the omnibus of Brom's art work; the art book that will beat all of his other art books, as the largest, most comprehensive, highest quality art book of his work to date. Ya, I've got your attention, now right?

This is THE Brom book, and THE essential book in any Fantasy library.  

                And what goodies they offer to further entice the deal. Four different versions of the book will be published: Trade Edition, Publisher's Edition, Publisher's Edition with an Alt cover, and a Deluxe Edition. I could go into all the details as to how they differ but you can read all about that on the Kickstarter pledge page. Shouldn't be very hard to guess which one I opted for... XD Tons more extras are included which I won't cover here, but the coolest pledge prize is DEFINATELY the ZOMBIE painting of yourself done by Brom!!! I'm so envious of the lightning fast pledgers who snatched these 5 slots up (I know 2 grand... but damn that's a painting of you done by Brom! The man himself!)
                Fans have already managed to nuke this project with $100,000+ already pledged, far exceeding its $12,000 goal. With 37 days left to go, what do you say? Are you a true Brom fan? Are you ready to own his BEST book?

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