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Hey there everyone!

I've decided to hold a mini contest in thanks to the people who visit my blog. ^^

It will be held from June 5th Until July 10th. Sorry I know the window is fairly long but my site still is small! ^^;;

It's fairly simple. 
Please reply back in a comment to this thread what your favourite KOREAN art book is and why (a few sentences atleast please!) Any art book is valid as long as ONE or more Korean artists are present in the book. 

For example, Apple 2 from Seoul Visual/Udon is my favourite because......
I haven't decided how I will judge the entries BUT most likely it will be based on the quality of the response or just at random.

To the winner...
I will present the exclusive TOXIC mouse pad done by the illustrious Kim Hyung Tae/HTK. This was graciously given to me by Seoul Visual Works. And you can expect book reviews from this publisher soon! I need to get crackin! XD

Contest Rules
1. EVERYONE can participate. I don't care if you live as far as Sierra Leone, West Africa. You're eligible! However, I'll only be sending this mouse pad via regular airmail, so if it's lost I can't help you there! D:
2. ONE entry per person. I don't want multiple entries please.
3. Please be sure to include your email with your comment. Either with your ID or even manually is okay (but be sure to write us (@) to prevent spam). It would be a shame if I couldn't contact the winner!!!!

Good Luck Everyone!!!!

11 Responses so far.

  1. I wish I could get my hand on more korean books. sadly, I've only seen them through friends.

    but I still have a fav that i've seen and would love to own.
    Poppic: http://poppic.net/

    An anthology of all the best korean artists, from Maggi, tattomcitty to Panama man and many others that I've fallen in love with. I prefer it to other asian art anthologies, the tutorials are clearer to understand (when you don't read korean), have artists from top MMOs, but the most best thing is... getting the art in print. other then legion and vermillion, I don't normally see art books of mmos, let a lone the smaller mmos.

    cetriya @yahoo.com

  2. keyser says:

    My favorite Korean Art book is by the artist Hyung Tae Kim. The book Oxide 2X, is one of the collections of his work in my opinion, that I have seen. His natural style and talent in character design shows in the artwork. I first saw his art in the Magnacarta game, and when the book became available I picked it up. The book has a great collection of work from the games he has worked on, and a nice sketch section that shows his progression in developing a character. You can't lose with this book.


  3. Anonymous says:

    My favorite Korean art book is "Justice and Mercy". Justice and Mercy is Hyung Min-Woo's sketchbook and concept art art book. Its my favorite because it has plenty of unfinished pencil work and never before published manhwa pages. It also shows some of his color work which you dont get to see in Priest. It also came with a nice hard slip case cover. One of may favorite art books that I own overall.


  4. Anonymous says:

    My favorite Korean artbook is actually the one I just recently purchased. The artbook is titled Junography by Juno Jeong. He's worked on the Lineage games as well as Dragoneer's Aria for the PSP. It's my favorite for many reasons. Brilliant character designs, wonderful use of colors, as well as the Juno's mastery of different digital coloring styles. The book also showcases a lot of artwork that I have not seen before by this artist. A lot could be said about this book but this isn't a review.

    Here's a link to a video flip through of the book.


    Thank you,

  5. Kim says:

    My favorite Korean artbook is "Comic Artists - Asia" from Harper Design. It includes works from various artists, including 3 Korean artists. My favorite find from that was joshclub, whose style and coloring is quite amazing! It was one of my earlier finds into artbooks that were available at a local bookstore and it introduced me to some amazing styles!

    kpham16 @gmail.com

  6. Onegai says:

    My favourite artbook is Oxide 2X by Hyung Tae Kim. Somewhat exaggerated poses and body placement, outlandish costume designs based around ethnic influences, and a very liquid style of digital paint, Kim has forged his own recognisable style. Oxide 2X contains some of his best work from the Magnacarta and The War of Genesis series of games. Kim's artwork is intrinsic to these games much like how Ayami Kojima's is to the Castlevania series. They wouldn't be the same without him and the world wouldn't be the same without Oxide 2X to peruse at leisure.


  7. Ye51d says:

    My favorite Artbook(s) are the Apple series, who are full of genius illustrators that differ a lot in styles, but overall the quality that is display is just breathtaking

  8. My favorite collection is the Art Of The Wired. It has a mixture of artists with different styles. This adds to the "replay value" of the book. The work by HTK is stellar...I'm a huge fan of his. :)

  9. My favorite Korean Artbook of all times would have to be Junography by Jeong Juno. I suppose I'm a bit biased in this being my favorite because of my absolute love his his art. When I first got this book in the mail, I was overwhelmed by the thickness and size of this book. While I find most artbooks to be pretty good size from Korea this one really blew me away. The book is full of beautiful illustrations and even tutorials on how he works. It's amazing to see just the shear amount of art he has produced and not only that, but how much he's improved throughout the years. He and Hyung Tae Kim went to the same school together and so it's so cool seeing from Hyung tae kim's influence to blooming toward his own style. He really explains so much about anatomy, color, photoshop, and even the human facial structure in this book as well. It's more than an artbook it's a lesson in art itself. I can't recommend this book enough.


  10. Anonymous says:

    My favorite Korean art book is Kine in Aqua's illustration book. The artworks have a dreamy feel to them. Themes cover modern settings and more fantasy-esque and I like the variations.

    You can PM me at Parka's forum: Catchytint

  11. Jenn says:

    Thank you everyone for your submissions!

    I'm happy I was able to receive 10 entries! This was my goal!! ^^

    This winner is....


    I will contact you via email shortly.

    Thanks again for your submissions and I hope you'll continue visiting my site!!!

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