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Hello Everyone!

I know updates have been sparse, but life has been busy so I haven’t had the chance to post more reviews. I’m sorry! I know you’re waiting to see more. ^^

However, while assisting Viel Books to make Junography available to a larger public, I realized many people are interested in Korean Anime/Manga inspired art books but have a really hard time acquiring what they want partly because of the language barrier but even more greatly because of the lack of sources.
Even without the language barrier, this has also been an issue with me since very few stores are willing to ship internationally, and if they do, the shipping prices alone are very expensive. D:
I’m hoping to help out fellow English speaking art book enthusiasts find some of these books with my own personal shopping service. 

Let’s be honest, Japanese books have become relatively easy to acquire due to the plethora of English catering stores online, but Korean books are still very hard to come by.
So let me help you. For a small fee I’ll take care of the business of finding the book you want, ordering, and Korean language correspondence. The only catch is, the source will have to be able to ship directly to you (to save on costs). I already know of a few places that will do this so rest assured if you don’t know any.
I’ll provide more concrete details if enough people show interest in my service. For now, this seems to be the cheapest available method that I can provide. 

Here’s an estimate:
                1. Customer finds a book he/she wants, it originally costs 30000w/$30 from the 
                    Korean seller.
                                2. I’ll require a full payment of the book ($30), plus shipping ($15-20 approx) and personal fee (most likely will be 30% on top of the entire order)
                                3. The book is ordered and shipped directly to you
                        4. You receive the book.

The whole process is designed to be simple. Unlike deputies: there are no hidden costs, no long turnaround times, no hassles of domestic shipping plus an additional international shipping charge, no paypal fees, just the ONE transaction fee will be charged. This fee will be 30% of your order (a minimum $15 or 30%, whichever is greater.)
The stores I use also ship using courier services. This means that in most instances, they will be traceable, and if all goes well, the whole transaction should take no more than a week.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you are looking for books that are out of print or rare. There may be additional costs and time required to get you these elusive items, but I'm always willing to take up the challenge. I'm a collector as well and I know how good it feels to finally find the book you have been tirelessly searching for!

If you’re interested, please send me an email to: yo.jenn[@]gmail.com

Happy collecting everyone! :D

“I've had a very lovely experience with your book-ordering service and would be glad to see other people be able to obtain books with it. I'll definitely be inquiring here first if I see other Korean artbooks that catch my fancy.” – Emi H. (Feb, 2012)  

"I've purchased books through Jenn's service a few times now, and have always been very happy with both the books and the purchasing process. Emails were always replied to promptly, and she managed (quickly!) to find distributors of the books I was seeking each time at reasonable prices. Commission fees are very reasonable considering that the books I've bought - Poppic illustration 'magazines' - would otherwise be completely unavailable to me (living on mainland US), and she is always polite and friendly during the process. I would highly recommend her service to anyone searching for elusive Korean art books!" - Emi H. (Sept, 2012)

“From what my father told me the book arrived in perfect condition and there was no custom charges. Thanks for helping me get this book. If I need another Korean book sometime, I'll get in touch with you.” – Alex B. (Jan, 2013)

:: Not an art book but still a Korean Order ::
"Just want to let you know that I received them today 03.07.13 and they are all so freakin cute *_*
They look WAY better in person and those totes are HUGE!!!! same goes for the Trump cards.
I was thinking they were playing cards size but nope ^^a
Love everyone of them minus one of the long note books ^^ Just cause the other 2 had the same prints of the cover on inside but still love them ^_^" - Sarina V. (Mar. 2013)

"We're very happy with this service and the art book that we received - it was a very simple process. The art book was also handled well and packaged very safely! Thank you very much again!" - Adam (Mar. 2013)

"I appreciate the excellent work you have done, getting me the Toxic volume 1. I will definately be using your services again." - Candy M. (Apr. 2014)

"To anyone looking to purchase Korean Art Books but know how difficult it'll be to get their hands on a particular one; use Jenn's service. My book arrived in perfect condition and it's also only been a few days since I placed the order. She's always very quick to respond to messages not to mention we were exchanging emails even during the holidays. I would definitely use her service again and recommend it to anyone wanting to buy a Korean books they know they can't get elsewhere." - Sanchai S. (Dec. 2014)

"Hi Jennifer: I just opened my package, and I felt like I just closed an important chapter in my life. I owe it all to you Jennifer. Thank you for everything you do! I am very pleased with my art book." - Dushon R. (Jan. 2015)

"Just received a wonderful art book from Korea. The process was fast and painless; the service was personable and responsive. Hoping to purchase again at some point! Thanks!" - Stephen K. (Feb. 2015)

"Got my hands on another artbook I don't think I'd ever be able to obtain unless I traveled to Korea. My sincerest gratitude goes out to Jenn; she even managed to get it signed with almost my entire name (haha, it's all cool though) by the artist himself!" - Sanchai S. (Mar. 2015)

"Hey Jenn, Just wanted to say the BIGGEST THANKS for offering this service. I love the Blade and Soul artbooks you sent me, and just how awesome of a seller you are. Really appreciate everything, and definitely recommend it to anyone who is wanting to get some artbooks from Korea! Sincerely, Ryan" - Ryan C. (Mar. 2015)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    We're very happy with this service and the art book that we received - it was a very simple process. The art book was also handled well and packaged very safely! Thank you very much again! - Adam

  2. Anonymous says:

    Just received a wonderful art book from Korea. The process was fast and painless; the service was personable and responsive. Hoping to purchase again at some point! Thanks! - Stephen

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