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I got this little gem in on Friday.

Yeh, yeh, yeh. It looks like my post office isn't "losing" all of my packages, thankfully.
I swear I think customs has me cock blocked or somethin.

Alright so this is basically Ciel's collection of Cg works from 2005-2009.
The content is great... I mean she did alot of D-Gray-Man works in recent history but I'm a little disappointed not to see her OLDER FMA works. Here you get a mix of mostly D Gray Man and the touch of Reborn stuff she's into now.

Print quality is fantastic. I knew she was really happy about the colour accuracy when it came back from the printer. She thinks it is one of the best reproductions she's seen. Not bad since this is the crown gem of her works. I'm willing to bet every one of her fans wants this book. The presentation is ridiculously fancy too. I'm talking textured, aqueous finishing on the outside with gold leaf inlay kinda fancy shit. It's a turtleshell paperback too. I love turtleshells... it's like paperback 1.5... almost hardback but not quite there.

Now for the not so good:

The format is too small. I mean it's all so fancy and pretty, but clocking in at only B5 it still feels TOO much like a doujinshi. I wanted an A4 format book. That would have been awesome.
I also was disappointed by how 2-3 of her images would be squished onto a single page. Yeah, it's inevitable if you want to keep the page count down, but I would have loved to have some more single full shots or double paged spreads. The price point was very cheap from my perspective and I would have eagerly paid 2-3x more for some of these improvements. I gotta keep in mind she wants her work to be accessible to as many people as possible.. so a lower price point makes sense.

Overall, a book I've been waiting quite a while to see and it still delivers, all things considered.

P.S. I may put up a single interior spread as a sample.

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