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Blimey, it SNOWS in April.

Today is my first day of HELL week. I managed to crawl out of my bed at the ungoldly hour of 9am, and fight through the frigid weather to write my soc final.

I surprisingly, did not fail. Feeling the need to reward myself, I strolled through the strip of Bloor Street between Spadina and Bathurst.

First visit was to the Labyrinth. My all time fav store in Toronto because I love artbooks soooooo much and their selection is one of the most diverse I have seen (even online!). But unfortunately, nothing caught my fancy. :(

Second stop was my other big favourite, BMV BOOKS. Le omg... you find the coolest surprises! But alas nothing really cool caught my eye.

So, I was prepping to get to my streetcar stop when I warily spotted the new GAMESTOP (damn, we do have them!) with a sale posted. Couldn't hurt to look right?

I know.. I know I swore bloody hell to EB games for their meh pricing, terrible customer service (douche bags), and store fronts that REEK of terrified nerd sweat.. but hey this one has no carpet :)

The sale is actually pretty decent. It lasts until early may and although not many PS3 games were on sale, the ones that were, they're great. To my utter delight I was able to pick up MGS4 new for 30 bucks+ tax...!!! I also swore I would never pay more than 30 dollars for a video game after picking up DMC4 in pristine condition for 20 something bucks. So I guess so far my track record is pretty good :D The cashier.. *looking at the receipt...* ya Ryan.. looked like a college kid and he was totally courteous too. None of that could I please see your ID bullshit, just a big dopey smile to brighten your day. Yeh,yeh,yeh Ryan, you have restored my faith in customer service.

Hmmm.. the only other game that piqued my interest was Prince of Persia. Sorry for not getting a good look at the Xbox section, but alias I am a Microsoft hater. I'm sure they had more games on sale in the Xbox360 department though. So my fellow gamers, go check out your local EBgames. You'll find something good, I hope!

Game review will happen 1-2 months from now, when I can actually get home and warm up my Ps3!

4 Responses so far.

  1. Anonymous says:


    /looks at FFX-2

  2. Jenn says:

    Dude. I am SO gonna.

    It's not like this is KH2 or Dirge of Cerberus... Hmm I wonder where they are??

  3. Jin says:

    You're better off watching that game.


  4. Jenn says:

    Hey, nothing wrong with that~

    Cinematic graphics are okay with me! Just has to look orgasmic~

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