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I actually hadn't planned on doing spots on artists I already know.. but well I suppose that cuts out ALOT of possible spots.

So, I'll do spots not only on new artists, but artists that have caught my attention during the present. Again, if need be.

His greatness, Takehiko Inoue is an amazing, godly artist, whom I believe I have underrated in the past. I think in order to truly appreciate his skills you have to take it slowly... peel back the layers and keep coming back in order to perceive his style with new insight and a deeper sense of understanding.

Well... I find that's true for me anyhow. He was never a huge personal favourite of mine but I think that's quickly changing.

Vagabond is a story I've been familiar with every since I read the original Miyamoto Musashi serial during my early years in high school. What I would consider to be THE samurai epic, I think it's fitting that Vagabond may also be Mr. Inoue's greatest epic as well.

One of the photos is a commissioned wall mural he did for Kinokuniya Bookstore NYC, recently.


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  1. 3rd pic looks sick

    imagine that decaled on your wall

  2. Jenn says:

    Fuck a decal man... When I get jack loaded, I'm commissioning the man himself.


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